Let Loose the Bird of Love Heavenletter #3566 Published on: August 30, 2010

God said:

You say you are tired of heartache. Why then do you still have it? If you were really tired of heartache, you would be without it. You carry it along for some reason beyond understanding. It must be that heartache is like water that fills the crevices of your heart. While your heart feels so forlorn, it is filling itself up with the water of life. Perhaps you feel that if you abandon heartache, you are abandoning your heart altogether. You will even accept heartache over the chance that you might not feel at all. Perhaps you feel that emptiness could be more fatal than heartache.

Nevertheless, you cannot give up on love. Is not heartache the other side of the coin of love? Isn’t heartache a little bit like stamping your foot except it is your heart you stomp on, and you leave it with an ache? Your heart knows it is supposed to be love and nothing but love, and so it aches, and so you mourn for the love you are not able to find in your own heart at this moment. You let your heart dabble in love, and now you know you were only dabbling. If you had not been dabbling, you wouldn’t be feeling bereft now. It is not that love eludes you. It is that you lay down conditions, and you stick to the conditions rather than love.

The main condition you make is that you are to be loved in return in every way you believe you must be, and so you are heavy-handed with love. Love, which is a butterfly that must fly free -- you try to grab it in your hand and keep it still, bound where you believe it is supposed to be even. It is your own perceived withdrawal of love for a list of reasons you give that you mourn. Your heartache has nothing to do with the perceived other, for it is yourself that you dally with. You are the one who has to love, not the other. You must get out of the past-dated concept that love focused on you is the heart of the matter. It is your own heart focus that matters. You are the only one who can wound your heart. You are the only one who does. Let loose the bird of love. Let it fly free.

Do not stint on the love from your heart because of an infraction of love that you perceive. And if another does not want displays of your love, then you do not have to have such displays. If the other does not want a name assigned to your love, then you do not need a name. You only need to love, and love does not capture another’s love. Love can only set love free.

What matters most is what your heart does. Sometimes someone wants the nurturing of your heart, and sometimes someone wants you to leave their heart alone. Do not strangle another’s heart with your ministrations. It isn’t that you must withdraw your love. It’s that you must withdraw the suffocation of your love. No one’s heart is in bondage to yours, so, why then, do you feel that you are to call the shots of someone else’s heart? Kiss another’s heart goodbye so it is free to fly, free to alight, free to come back or not come back. Don’t waste your heart in self-appointed misery. Do not wrong your heart. Do not shift responsibility for your heart’s happiness to any other. No one can wrong your heart, nor are you to complicate anyone’s heart. Only your heart belongs to you. Since when are you supposed to own another’s heart?

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