Hear God's Love Heavenletter #3567 Published on: August 31, 2010

God said:

There is no owing. There is only giving. There is no debt. Life is far greater than bookkeeping. Paying back is not the same as giving. You are on Earth to give. Giving breathes life. Paying back is more like the movement of an inch worm.

Look at it this way. When so much has been given to you, how can you pay it back anyway?

Come from the premise of giving. You are out of debt. You are not indentured to giving. You are free to give. You are free to have your heart alight on others’ hearts. You extend your heart in service to Me. You are one who gives.

You set the pace. You fill lonely hearts with love. You are the Santa Claus who hands out sweetness to the world. Your giving takes many forms. Sometimes it is a giving act to accept love from others. It is a great gift to allow others to give to you. It is a privilege to give to you. It is a privilege for you to accept love.

Please do not misunderstand Me. Accepting another’s love does not mean doing their will. Your heart accepts their offering of love and not their demands. Love has to be given and received and not proven. Love is sufficient unto itself. Love cannot be demanded any more than it can be owed. Nor must you demand that your love be accepted. You offer, and then you let go. The only rule to love is that it is free to be given and free to be accepted. There are no clauses and by-laws to love. Love is out of the realm of laws, yet the law of love is supreme.

The world is susceptible to change. Manifestation of love fluctuates in the world. Even manifestation of your love fluctuates, yet love is the only constant there is. My love does not fluctuate. Whether you’ve been good or bad in terms of the world, My love smiles on you. My love is not hit or miss. My love is not frivolous. My love is not mistaken. I have every right to love and to love you and to love you no matter what.

The world is not so understanding as I AM. I roll out the meadow of love, and it supports you. My love flows, and My love flows to you. Immerse in My love. Make it yours.

My love goes where you are. Wherever you are, wherever you think you are, you are wrapped in My arms of love. No matter what, you have a steady flow of My love. The world may say differently, but that’s the world for you. The world’s love can hit sour notes, yet never My love. My love is always on key. Come and get it! Unlimited love. Love that does not have to be earned. Love that does not have to be accounted for. There is no check and balances when it comes to My love. Did you think My love should be otherwise? Did you think that My love should be regulated?

My love is made for you. I always have you in mind and in heart as well. This is natural. I know no other way nor do I care to learn another way. There is a direct flow of My love to you. I never miss.

If that is so, how then can you ever feel unloved? Never mind the world, beloveds. The world is a slow learner. My love is regardless. The flow of My love is never stemmed. Not a particle of My love is ever missing. Do not be love-deaf. Hear My love. It is flowing to you now.

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