Light Over Darkness

why do we even let our selves go...for what specific reason?
why do we all assume...when things could be solved in a better manner
have I mentioned yelling...and how much I despise it?!
told or not told
these are the stories of a mysterious day
turned into darkness...when the light overcame the madness and for all its glory was gone the sadness.
yet, here we are...solid as ever...standing on our own two feet
waiting...just waiting
and then what...who's to say...what will come of it
and here we are
mysteriously vivid underneath the vale
how its breath lost...gasping for more air
lost in this world
trying to crawl our way out
don't be upset with the rest...for no ones to blame but yourself!

Gaia Energies

Gaia Energies
Only Love Prevails