PEOPLE HAVE JUDGED YOU, and you have accepted their idea without any 
scrutiny. You are suffering from all kinds of people's judgments, and you 
are throwing those judgments on other people. And this game has grown all 

out of proportion; the whole of humanity is suffering from it.

If you want to get out of it, the first thing is: DON'T JUDGE YOURSELF.
Accept humbly your imperfection, your failures, your mistakes, your
frailties. There is no need to pretend otherwise.

JUST BE YOURSELF, that, 'This is how I am -- full of fear: that I cannot go
in the dark night, that I cannot go in the thick forest.' What is wrong in
it? -- just human.

will have a clear insight that they are suffering from the same disease. And
your accepting of them will help them to accept themselves.

We can reverse the whole process: YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF. That makes you
capable of accepting others. And because somebody accepts them, they learn
the beauty of acceptance for the first time -- how peaceful it feels -- and
they start accepting others.

If the whole humanity comes to a point where everybody is accepted as he is,
foundation -- and your hearts will open of their own accord, your love will
be flowing.

Right now, how can you love? When you see so many wrongs, so many
weaknesses, how can you love? You want somebody perfect. Nobody is perfect,
so you have to accept a state of no-love, or accept that it doesn't matter
whether somebody is imperfect. Love can be shared, shared with all kinds of

JUDGMENT IS UGLY; IT HURTS PEOPLE. On the one hand, you go on hurting,
wounding them... and on the other hand, you want their love, their respect.
It is impossible.

You love them, you respect them, and perhaps your love and respect may help
them to change many of their weaknesses, many of their failures -- because
LOVE WILL GIVE THEM A NEW ENERGY, a new meaning, a new strength. Love will
give them new roots to stand against strong winds, a hot sun, heavy rains.

imagine. But if nobody loves you in this vast world, you are just isolated;
then you think you are free, but you are living in an isolation cell in a
jail. It is just that the isolation cell is invisible; you carry it with

The heart will open by itself. Don't be worried about the heart. Just do the
primary spade work.

The Transmission of the Lamp
Ch #1: The animals must all be laughing
pm in Punta Del Este, Uruguay


what you have done or left undone.
Overlook the faults of others." --Buddha

emphasize, magnify, others' faults. THIS IS THE WAY OF THE EGO. The ego
feels very good when it sees, "Everybody has so many faults and I have
none." And the trick is: overlook your faults, magnify others' faults, so
certainly everybody looks like a monster and you look like a saint.

Buddha says: Reverse the process. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO BE TRANSFORMED,
OVERLOOK OTHERS' FAULTS -- that is none of your business. You are nobody,
you are not asked to interfere, you have no right, so why bother? BUT DON'T
OVERLOOK YOUR OWN FAULTS -- because they have to be changed, overcome

When Buddha says, "LOOK TO YOUR OWN FAULTS, what you have done or left
not mean brag, pat your own back if you have done something good. No. He
simply means to look... so that you can remember in the future that NO WRONG
SHOULD BE REPEATED, so that you can remember in the future that the good
should be enlarged, enhanced, and the evil should be reduced -- not for
repentance but for remembrance.

ATTITUDE. The Christian remembers them to repent; hence Christianity creates
great guilt. Buddhism never creates any guilt; it is not for repentance, it
is for remembrance. The past is past; it is gone and gone forever -- no need
to worry about it. Just remember not to repeat the same mistakes again. BE

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha
Vol 2, Ch #3: And travel on
am in Buddha Hall



attention to fear than to love. And that is what sin is. To take more note 
of fear is sin, to take more note of love is virtue. And always remember to 

take more note of love -- because it is through love that one reaches to

higher peaks of life, to God. Out of fear, one cannot grow. Fear cripples,
paralyzes: it creates hell.

ALL THE PARALYZED PEOPLE -- psychologically paralyzed, spiritually
paralyzed, I mean -- LIVE LIFE IN HELL. And how do they create it? The
secret is that THEY LIVE IN FEAR; they only do a certain thing when there is
no fear, but then there is nothing left worth doing.

there is fear -- because you may be rejected. Fear says, 'Don't fall in
love, then nobody will reject you.' That is true -- if you don't fall in
love, nobody will ever reject you -- but then you will live a loveless
existence, which is far worse than being rejected.

out of fear think more of not committing mistakes. They don't commit any
mistakes, but they don't do anything else either; their life is blank. They
don't contribute anything to existence. They come, they exist -- they
vegetate, rather -- and then they die.

Never be afraid. TAKE RISKS AND LISTEN TO THE HEART. Even if sometimes it
says to do mad things, do them! Only then will you live the life of thrill.

Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast
Ch #2
pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium



THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS ARE MOSTLY MAD PEOPLE, fanatics... and just because they are mad, fanatic, they gather all kinds of idiots around them.

MOST HUMAN BEINGS ARE RETARDED. Scientifically, the average mental age of a human being is below thirteen. Now if thirteen is your mental age, you may be 70 years old, but you can be exploited, you can 

be conditioned for any nonsense. You can be made afraid of hell, for which no evidence exists. You can be motivated. Your greed can be aroused for heaven, for which no evidence exists.

MOST OF HUMANITY IS SO MEDIOCRE THAT IT CAN FOLLOW ANY MADMAN. The madman just has to be a little methodological. Methodology does not need intelligence. Now, what is the methodology of Jesus? -- "I am the only begotten son of God." And the mediocre people are going to believe it... because not to believe in it is to go to hell and suffer for eternity. Nobody wants to suffer for eternity. As it is, one is suffering enough already. One wants some relief. Even if the relief comes after death, one wants to live peacefully and joyously, not starving, not sick, not old, not ugly. Naturally, a simple methodology -- "I am the only begotten son of God, I can save you, I have come to save the whole world, those who believe in me I will choose for paradise, and those who don't believe in me will fall into an abysmal darkness of hell" -- a very simple methodology. And the suffering, the poor, the starving, the uneducated, the downtrodden, the oppressed, the exploited... are ready to cling to any hope.

And that is the methodology of all the religions: GIVE PEOPLE HOPE! But the strategy is very cunning: KEEP THE HOPE BEYOND DEATH -- because they know perfectly well that hope in this life cannot be fulfilled, and then these same people who are their followers will kill them. So keep the hope beyond death. You can never be caught. Nobody comes back from death to say that these people are lying. So they go on lying, AND THE MORE A LIE IS REPEATED, day by day, year by year, century by century, for thousands of years... IT ALMOST STARTS SOUNDING AS IF IT IS TRUE.

THESE PEOPLE LIKE MOTHER TERESA, who have been helping the poor for centuries, ARE REALLY THE CAUSES FOR CONTINUING POVERTY. The poor cannot be helped the way Mother Teresa is helping. This is not help. This is politics, because all those orphans she helps are transformed, converted into Catholic Christianity. In fact, Mother Teresa would be out of a job if there were no orphans in India. She needs more orphans. THAT'S WHY THEY ARE ALL AGAINST BIRTH CONTROL METHODS, AGAINST ABORTION. Otherwise, where are you going to get orphans? They need the poor... because WITHOUT THE POOR, WHOM ARE YOU GOING TO SERVE? And without service you cannot reach heaven. THIS IS A SIMPLE STRATEGY TO REACH HEAVEN!

Now, think of a world where nobody is in need of anybody's service; everybody is happy, healthy, comfortable, luxurious. What will happen to the great Christian servants and saints? They will simply be out of a job. They need poverty to remain. THAT IS THEIR VERY SOURCE OF BECOMING SAINTS: HOLIER THAN THOU!

I don't say to my people, "Go and serve the poor." Service, to me, is not a beautiful word. I say to my people, "If you have something, share it. But remember one thing: there is no reward beyond it. Sharing, enjoy -- that is the reward. If you pull out somebody who is drowning in a well, that's a great joy. What more reward do you want? You saved a life; you should be immensely happy. The reward is in the act itself, and the punishment also is in the act itself. They are not extrinsic, they are intrinsic."

But all these religions have been telling people the reward is somewhere far away -- beyond death, and punishment, too. Neither can it be proved, nor can it be disproved; HENCE THEIR BUSINESS GOES ON AND ON, and MEDIOCRE PEOPLE GO ON FOLLOWING IT. 

IF ALL THESE RELIGIONS DISAPPEAR, THE POOR WILL DIE OUT OF POVERTY. Ethiopia will disappear. So what? -- it is better that Ethiopia disappears from the earth, rather than thousands of people dying in hunger. And in hunger you don't die in a day... a man can live hungry for three months. He will become just a skeleton, and what is the point of these three months of torture? So, if all these great servants of people don't interfere, countries like Ethiopia, India, other poor countries will disappear. Let them disappear. The earth cannot manage so many people.

To the people who have donated money to buy food for Ethiopians who are dying of hunger, dying of war... I SAY IT DOES NOT HELP. It simply will save a few Ethiopians, who will produce more Ethiopians. You should completely stop sending aid to these countries -- because the world needs only one-fourth of the population that it has right now. Only then can people be peaceful, living comfortably, joyously. There is no need. What is the point? I have been in India for 50 years, and for 30 years I have been teaching people that BIRTH CONTROL IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, that ABORTION IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. And they were throwing stones at me, knives at me, shoes at me; that was my reward. THERE SHOULD BE TOTAL BIRTH CONTROL FOR 20 OR 30 YEARS!

So there are actually two possibilities. One, THE POOR WILL DISAPPEAR. Please don't serve them, be compassionate. Your service is not compassion, your service is your greed for heaven. You are using human people and their poverty for your own joys in heaven -- beautiful women who are always young, who don't even perspire and don't need any deodorant.

In the Mohammedan heaven there are rivers of wine. You cannot get water in the Mohammedan heaven, only wine. Here it is a crime, here it is a sin. And the same thing that is sin here -- Mohammedans are against alcohol; by a miracle, the same wine becomes virtue. Saints are enjoying it. To look at somebody else's wife with lustful eyes is sin. And your saints, what are they doing in heaven? They are not married, there is no marriage in heaven. They are enjoying all kinds of women.

Be compassionate. EITHER LET THE POOR DIE... or if you are REALLY COMPASSIONATE, then STOP THIS WASTAGE OF YOUR ENERGY AND MONEY FOR WAR EFFORTS AND DROP THESE BOUNDARIES BETWEEN NATIONS! Let there be only one government -- which is enough! There is no need for America and Soviet Union and India and Ethiopia. JUST LET THERE BE ONE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

AND THE MOMENT NATIONS ARE NOT THERE, WAR IS IMPOSSIBLE. Seventy-five percent of every nation's income, even poor nations, is going into preparation for war. Everybody is getting ready. And 75% of the income of the whole world can change the whole scene. There will be nobody who is poor. There is no need for anybody to be poor. And if there is one world, all scientific effort will become creative. Right now it is destructive, right now it prepares only for war; but when there is no need for any war, all scientific minds will take a 180-degree turn. It will be creative. We can create so much that nobody will bother about paradise.

I am simply saying that these are the two alternatives: one, either let the poor die and don't make a fuss about it, or two, if you are really concerned, then LET THE NATIONS DISAPPEAR SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR WAR. And scientific efforts automatically will go towards making more comfort, more luxury, more health, longer life. I am not concerned what happens, I am simply saying these are the only two alternatives. There is no third alternative. And I am telling my people to spread the word all over the world. For four years we lived in Oregon, and not a single baby was born. Just simple intelligence is needed.

The Last Testament
Vol 1, Ch #5: Be Ready
pm in Jesus Grove


Why can't people understand each other's religions? Why there is always so much conflict?


It has nothing to do with religions, IT IS SIMPLY THE EGO: WHATSOEVER IS YOURS HAS TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Whatsoever is others cannot be the best, cannot be allowed to be the best in the world. Your wife is the most beautiful woman, your husband is the most beautiful person, you are the greatest man in the world. You may not say so, but you say it in thousand and one ways.

And whatsoever belongs to you... Adults are just like little children -- they go on fighting that my daddy can lick your daddy, anytime.

A small boy was telling another boy, "My mother is a great orator, she can speak on any subject for hours."

The other said, "That's nothing, my mother is such a great orator she can speak without any subject for hours. Nobody knows what she's talking about."


MULLA NASRUDDIN'S SON asked him, "Pop, if a Mohammedan leaves his religion and becomes a Hindu or a Christian what you would call him?" The Mulla became very angry and he said, "He is a traitor. He should be shot. This is the greatest sin in the world -- to change your religion, to betray your religion. He has betrayed his salt."

And the boy asked, "And Pop, if a Hindu or a Christian becomes a Mohammedan?" Mulla was all smile -- Jimmy Carter smile -- he said, "That is great! That man is wise. That man should be welcomed and respected and honored. He knows what truth is and he is courageous. He is a convert, my son."

NOW THE THING HAS CHANGED. If a Mohammedan becomes a Hindu or a Christian, he is a traitor, if a Hindu or a Christian becomes a Mohammedan he is a convert, and he is a great man and he should be honored and respected. He is wise because he has recognized the real religion. That's how our egos function.

That's why religion -- rather than bringing peace to the world -- has been the cause of bloody wars. MANY MORE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED IN THE NAME OF RELIGION THAN IN ANY OTHER NAME. Not even politicians have been able to surpass the so-called religious people in murder. The greatest murderers have been the churches, the mosques and the temples.

In the future, this ugliness has to be dropped. It should be immediately dropped. A RELIGION IS A PERSONAL CHOICE. If someone does not like the rose flower, you don't kill him, and you don't say that he is ugly. You don't say that he is wrong. You say, "That is his liking. He does not like the rose flower." It is finished. I like the rose flower. But it is a question of liking.

THERE IS NO QUESTION OF TRUTH IN IT. There is no question of arguing about it. And there is no reason to prove why I don't like the rose. If I don't like it, I don't like it. If you like it, you like it. There is no conflict. Religion should be like that. Somebody likes Jesus -- perfectly beautiful! Somebody likes Buddha, somebody likes Krishna -- likings.

RELIGIONS SHOULD NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BIRTH. It should be a pure liking -- then there will be no conflicts. Then there will be no unnecessary arguing which goes on and on down the centuries. Rather than praying, people have been arguing.

The whole energy that they have put in argument -- if it was put into prayer -- they would have known what God is. Instead, they go on arguing -- GREAT DEBATES CONTINUE AND NOTHING IS EVER PROVED -- because nothing can ever be proved.

IF YOU LIKE JESUS, IT IS JUST LIKE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH A WOMAN. You cannot prove anything. Why? And whatsoever you prove will look foolish to others. If you say, "Look at her nose, how long, how beautiful!" -- people will say, "That looks ugly, it is out of shape, it is too big, the face is not in proportion." If you say, "Look at the eyes, so big, so beautiful" -- somebody will say, "They look frightening, I cannot stay with this woman in the night. Those two big eyes -- I am scared -- and they are too big, and not symmetrical."

THERE IS NO WAY TO PROVE YOUR LIKING. Somebody likes Jesus and somebody likes Buddha. This is falling in love. You need not prove. And, if you prove, you will look like a fool to others. That's how it looks.

HINDUS THINK PEOPLE ARE FOOLISH WHO ARE IN LOVE WITH JESUS. What is there in this man? You ask the Hindus. They have a beautiful theory of Karma. They say you suffer only if you have done wrong in your past lives. Why Jesus was crucified? He must have done great sins. Otherwise, why? Krishna is not crucified, Rama is not crucified -- why Jesus is crucified? He must have been a sinner.

NOW THE WHOLE PERSPECTIVE CHANGES. You ask the Christian that Krishna plays on the flute. That looks so beautiful, and Jesus on the cross looks so sad. And the Christian will say, "What are you talking about? This world is in such a misery. This man, Krishna, must have been of a very stony heart. He is playing on the flute and people are dying and people are in misery and there is death and disease, and this man is playing on his flute. He must have a very, very rock-like heart, no heart! If he had any heart, he would have sacrificed himself for the downtrodden, for the oppressed, for those who are in misery. Look at Jesus, He is the savior! He died for us so that we can be redeemed. This Krishna looks shallow."

BUT ASK THE HINDU WHO FOLLOWS KRISHNA. And he will say, "What are you talking about? There is no misery. All misery is illusion. And if people are suffering, they are suffering for their sins. Nobody else can redeem them. And the only redeemer that can be of any help is one who brings joy into the world. Only joy is the healing force. How can you redeem? Hindus say that if somebody is crying and you sit by his side and you also cry, how can you redeem him? Crying is doubled!

Somebody is ill and you fall ill in sympathy and lie down by his side, how are you helping? TO HELP, YOU HAVE TO BE HEALTHY -- YOU NEED NOT FALL ILL. Krishna is healthy, Krishna is joy. The world is so of misery, that's why he brings his flute. Crosses -- everybody is carrying already. What is there in carrying a cross? Everybody is carrying. A flute is needed!"

Now these are the ways. AND EVERYBODY CAN GO ON ARGUING FOR AND AGAINST. To me, religion is a love affair -- it has nothing to do with intellect, it has nothing to do with reason. It is falling in love. With whomsoever you have fallen in love, that is your way. Go through it, that is your door. Love is the door. It is irrelevant with whom you have fallen in love. LOVE REDEEMS -- neither Jesus nor Krishna -- LOVE REDEEMS. Fall in love. Love is the only redeeming force. Love is the savior. But your egos...


The Diamond Sutra

Ch #10: Utter Emptiness

am in Buddha Hall

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Gaia Energies
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