ZEN IS PASSIVE -- that's why in Zen, SITTING became one of the most important meditations. Just sitting -- ZAZEN. 

Zen people say that if you simply sit doing nothing, things will happen. THINGS WILL HAPPEN ON THEIR OWN; you need not go after them, you need not seek them, you need not search for them. They will come. You simply sit. 

IF YOU CAN SIT SILENTLY, if you can fall into a tremendous restfulness, if you can 'relax' yourself, if you can drop all tensions and become a silent pool of energy, going nowhere, searching nothing, GOD STARTS POURING INTO YOU. From everywhere God rushes towards you.

JUST SITTING, DOING NOTHING, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.

And remember, when Zen says 'just sitting' it means just sitting -- nothing else, NOT EVEN A MANTRA. If you are repeating a mantra, you are not just sitting, you are again getting into some tommyrot, again into some mind thing. If you are not doing anything whatsoever... Thoughts are coming, coming; they are going, going -- if they come, good; if they don't come, good. You are not concerned with what is happening, YOU ARE SIMPLY SITTING THERE. If you feel tired, you lie down. If you feel your legs getting tense, you spread them. YOU REMAIN NATURAL. Not even watching. Not making any effort of any kind. That's what they mean by just sitting. AND JUST SITTING, IT HAPPENS.

Zen: The Path of Paradox

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