Isis-NECESSARY CHANGES October 22, 2011

Isis, necessary changes

As I have explained a lot about the earth grid in my previous messages, I will just give a short overview and move on to another subject.
  1. The old earth grid is not a real grid, it is comprised of many holograms connected together to syphon off your energy, and to be used as a control system.
  2. The new earth grid is not complete yet as it cannot be fully completed because too many are still connected to the old earth grid.
  3. There are the ones out there with the intent of working with the new crystalline grid as many call it. The interference is that this will bring energy of the old control system into the new grid.
  4. Now the ones that intent on working with the new grid are not connected are not connected to the new earth grid, they only connect at the moment of their work as their intent allows them to do so. They do not realize the connection to the old grid will interfere with any good intentions they have.
  5. There are some groups working on clearing and repairing a crystalline grid. They do not seem to intend to work with the new grid, but they are focused on the old grid system, which is a hologram. This can be deducted from the fact they are intent on clearing the grid system. The new earth grid does not need clearing as is it not completed at this moment.
  6. There is no certain place on earth that connects to this new grid as it does not reside within the earths physical body, it has been placed outside the earth as she is preparing for her ascension, all that is not hers will be removed.
  7. Disconnecting from the old earth grid is a first step.
  8. Connecting to the new grid is the second step
  9. Any connecting to a grid is however only to be seen as a support system and you will release this connection at one point in your process.
  10. The support is there for you to start becoming consciously aware of your inner being and the oneness within you.
  11. Some are able to disconnect from the old grid and connect to the new grid, many are going to need help as they do not have the conscious awareness at this moment to complete this process.
  12. The ones that do have the awareness will find their own way and it is not for me to find a way for them as there are many possibilities in completing this process.

These are the most important points about the grid systems and you can find more information in previous messages.

I would now like to focus on what happens after you connect with the new earth grid system.

It is only the beginning as there is much more to be done to be able to take full advantage of the new energies, even though they are not flowing fully yet as the system is not complete.

There are many other interferences present either within the human energy bodies or even higher bodies. Many of them implanted as part of the control system. This is not something that came up just the last couple of years.

The ascension of the earth has been planned for thousands of years and the control system has placed some of their, we call it security devices, to prevent many from rising too far, moving too far away from the control system.

Many of these securities will start at certain times as you start to raise your frequencies.

A lot of them are already knows, like for example the jehovian seals within the human energy bodies, and within the earth and they will be removed from the earth in the coming year. There are many healers out there that know about these that can assist you with this part.  

There are also many implants that become active once you move into higher frequencies. Keep vigilance in clearing these and protect yourself when you move through different dimensions.

Become a channel of your own being.

Many are out there channeling and the only reason most of them want to be a channel is so they can channel other beings. This is not the real purpose of channeling as channeling your own being is where the real truth is to be found.

When I, Isis, for example channel the energy for a message, I will keep it precise and clear, to the point.

When you see the messages from many channels you see a lot of words describing only a couple of points. This because the channel is interjecting their own thought and hopes into the message. They write the message in way they would like many things to be and sometimes this brings in a lot of unnecessary words that dilute the message into something that is not revealing the real points as directly as possible, they are located within the forest of additional influence.

The energy I am sending is being translated by the channel and the human mind is what writes the message. They translate the energies into words that are words used by the channel. And within that translation is also at many times the thought and belief system of that channel.
This is why we see so many different messages and people are receiving the energy of the messages in different ways.

Many rate the messages through their own thought and belief system.

I am only explaining this as it is more important to me that many of you start to channel your own being and do not focus on channeling other beings as the first intent of channeling.

Channeling requires focus and practice, but also a clear path within your own being. This is why I brought up the importance of clearing the physical energy bodies and higher spiritual bodies so there is no interference within the messages you receive.

This is also of course of great importance as you channel other beings, as many will channel any being that comes into their energy field and most of the time have no system of differentiation between the beings as they can only feel the energy and energy is something that can be deceiving. Even if the being tells you their name, be aware that there are many imposters out there and they are capable of working in many different energies, even the Christ consciousness energies and more higher frequencies as they are not bound by the limitation of the physical body and travel though many dimensions.

This is why it is of great importance to channel your own being and through connecting within your own being become a channel of higher and higher parts of your own being.

And of course clearing and clearing constantly as you move further up within the frequencies and connect to more and more parts of your being. Each part of your being contains learning experiences of previous life times and holds the energies of those life times. This means that you clear these parts as you have to clear any and all that you do not want to keep within this life time.  

Some of these energies might be of other people and you want to send that back to them and disconnect from those people and connections in previous life times as you are working on becoming a complete being. Like I explained with the process of mother earth, no energies that do not belong within you.

This is my message for today.


Through Petra Margolis
October 22, 2011

Gaia Energies

Gaia Energies
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