True Love Heavenletter #3576 Published on: September 9, 2010

God said:

Oh, for love in the world to be freed from its shackles. To be unlatched. Oh, for love to be a bird that is let out of its cage. Oh, for the window on real love to be opened and left open where it can go out and come in as love likes to do.

Love on Earth has been repressed. You know it has. And sense of need has sometimes replaced love. There would be no unhappiness if the bird of love were let free. As it is, love has been regulated, even imprisoned, as if love had to be cautious and plan its extension carefully. Love would much rather be free to rise wherever it may land. Love wants to be free to love. That’s all love wants, to be a butterfly free to go to all buttercups, drink their sweet nectar, fulfill them, love loving to give itself.

Love is not a mandate. Love needs no mandate. It just needs to be left to be free to alight anywhere or everywhere. A long leash is not good enough for love. A long leash does not allow love to reach everywhere. Love that can go only so far is not free to be the love it is. Love is love, not an arbiter. Love does not haggle. Love knows itself, and that’s all it knows.

Love is not about jurisprudence. There is no court of law when it comes to love. We are talking of true love itself, love not limited to specifications and not physical attraction but love, true love. True love is unbidden. Love cannot be corralled and made to love here and not there. Love cries out from the wilderness of its restraint. It cries out:

“Once and for all, let me be free to do as I will, for I will to be set free from any bounds. I will to be unbounded. I am so tired of restraints. Let me out of this straightjacket that tells me when and where I may love. I just want to love and have no artificial barriers to my love. I can love all. I can love you, and I can love others. I simply know how to love and not find reasons not to love. As for my love itself, it needs no reason. Love does not follow reasons. If love did have rules, love would not abide by your reasoning. Love has a life of its own. Do not take love asunder.

“I am love, and I want to be me. I am not an unruly child. It’s just that the world has made unholy rules for me. Allow me to be what I am. Allow me to be all I am. Allow me to fly high. Allow me to venture forth. Allow me to be love. Allow me to be instant. No longer give me static. No longer decide where I should alight or when.

“I am love. I am not your pet that you decide when to let out or when to let in. I am love. I am my own blend. Let me be what I am without any objections from you.

“There are no limits to me. I love. That is the whole story of me.

“Do not confuse me. Do not cut off my limbs. Do not squeeze me through a slot. Open all doors for me. Open all windows. I want to be me and not someone’s picture of me. I want to be plain love, for that is what I am. I do not want to be sheltered. I want to be set free. I want to be as I am. I want to be me.”

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