Illusions~Heavenletter #3563 Published on: August 27, 2010

God said:

What is it that makes your heart ache so? How do you account for it? How can a heart be so happy one day and not so happy the next? What cruel joke do you play on yourself? You are the whole story. Your story, no matter how it may seem, is dependent upon you and no other. You can only become disillusioned by illusions you carry. Who chooses to illusion yourself if not you? Do you really need illusions so wholeheartedly?

By and large, your illusions boil down to that you are dependent upon something other than yourself for your share of happiness or, by the same token, the obliteration of your designated happiness. You perhaps carry illusion in order to become disillusioned of it. That you are dependent upon others for your well-being is an illusion that will fall by the wayside. It has to because it is an illusion. It is an illusion by the very fact that it lacks truth. It is not Truth that disillusions you. You can not be disillusioned of Truth. You can only be disillusioned of illusion.

Of course, you can make yourself dependent upon others, yet the life of your heart does not depend upon others. It depends upon you. You make yourself happy or unhappy. Be not unhappy because untruth fades away. You have long learned that because you want something a certain way does not make it so. The world as you know it does not always yield you your dreams, or, if it does, it doesn’t always let you keep them.

What this means is that you are the captain of your own ship. This is the inevitability of life in the world. You are your own consort. Perceived otherness in the world does not always bring you your cup of tea, that which you like to perceive as your cup of tea and which may not be. You may be finished with that cup of tea.

You may believe that your happiness is dependent upon this or that, and yet your happiness is dependent upon you. You are responsible for your state of happiness. No one else is. You made your decisions. You are the one who decided that your happiness depended upon something that it does not.

No one outside you is capable of being responsible for your happiness. This is a Grand Illusion. It may seem so, and yet it is not so.

This is a good thing. You don’t really want your happiness to be dependent upon what wafts in or out of your life.

Come, establish yourself in Being.

Life is you and I as One. You are sufficient unto yourself.

You can bend down and smell the sweetness of an iris. So sweet. You can even pick the iris and put it in water in a vase on your mantel. You can love it. You can adore it. You can love it all you want. Nevertheless, the sweetness of the beautiful iris is here today and gone tomorrow. It gives you its essence while it can, and then it can’t any longer. The iris did not let you down. You know better than to assume that your happiness is dependent upon how long the iris offers itself to you in its splendid moments of full beauty. You aren’t despondent because an iris gives you all it can while it can. You are glad for its gifts. You know better than to blame a beautiful iris later for not sustaining your happiness. You never told yourself it could.

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