Hilarion's Weekly Message August 22-29, 2010~Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff

Most Beloved Lightworkers,

For many of you, there will now be a cessation of the situations that you have been trying to work your way through for many, many months and there will be more feelings of lightness and joy in your daily existence. This, too, is part of your task at this present time. The World you live on is in great need of the feelings of joy, happiness and well-being to counteract and balance the general mood of the populace at this time. The more you can stay in these uplifting feelings, the greater the upliftment of the frequency of the mass consciousness grid.

All is well and on track now. I speak to the Beloved Lightworkers of the World who have toiled ceaselessly to overcome the temptations of their human egos that have been operating front and center within the situations in your daily lives within your relationships, whether personal or work related. This is a time of trials and tests and it will continue in the coming months, and we ask you to stand in your Light and continue to stand as a Beacon of Light, Love and Peace in your very homes and neighborhoods, as this assists in bringing stability and balance to all.

All is changing around you and standing firm in your centre, the core of who you are, is of utmost importance at this time. Do not doubt yourselves, for each of you will be called to answer for the actions, thoughts and deeds of others within your circle and you must remember that you do not need to take on their challenges, for it is only through the facing of each challenge personally that growth and Awakening will take place. Each situation must be experienced firsthand and no one else can walk their Path for them. As they do this, they will gradually Awaken to their greater potential.

You Dear Ones are to stay calm and radiate peace and love and practice acceptance of what comes forth from those around you. As you grow more proficient in this, you will realize that you have been coming into your own Mastery, and life will again take on the sense of great adventure and opportunity in these changing times. By your presence, you can transform situations and be pivotal in the influence of the Light in each situation that you find yourself in, for many around you will be purging long buried thoughts, feelings and emotions and you will have to remember not to take personally all that comes forth through them. It is not for you to take responsibility for these, you are just to observe and witness.

Your calm demeanor will have a steadying influence on those around you and your leadership will be sought by the people around you. Suddenly, you will be in demand for your insights and your services and you will be hard put to maintain a balanced way of life, but this you must do, for the most important thing is to keep the stability and balance in the overall energy of those around you. Call upon the Ascended Host to give support and assistance when you see the need and remember that we are here to help, guide and support you and that this is what we promised to do before you came here to the Earth. Your requests are heard and honored at all times.

Go beyond, Beloved Ones, and ask to experience more wonder, more magic, more feelings of inspiration and upliftment, for these will help to anchor the higher Cosmic energies into the Earth’s core. There is much that is waiting to bless and caress you – wonders that seem unimaginable at this juncture of Earth’s, and your, transition. You are creating your New Earth reality and your creation is good, Beloveds, so hold steady.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff


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Gaia Energies
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